Monday, January 25, 2010

5 months the wiser

I was asked last weekend if, being an educator, I had learned anything from my experience teaching.  Oh boy.  This is going to take a while.  

One of the beauties of starting a blog is the ability to talk to lots of people, often a very cathartic release, without the fear and danger of recognition and repercussions.  

Do I think that anyone will honestly read this for the nuggets of sage gold that I've gleaned in the last several months?  Maybe.  Maybe somewhere out there is a recent college grad who is desperately searching for someone who has been there, this might be for you.  I certainly wish I'd found something that would have shed a small ray of light on an otherwise completely foreign concept.

Or perhaps I'm just doing this for my own reasons.  I want to vent, scream, and quit some days.  The mantle "teacher" is not something that should be taken up lightly.  Don't I know it.  Starting now, I'm keeping a journal of the daily lessons learned while at the workplace.  I hope someone learns something.  Maybe it will be me.


  1. Carthasis,eh? How very Greek of you ;-)

  2. Thats what happens when you have Aeschylus for a professor.

  3. HI ********!!!! So you started a blog, huh? Pretty cool. I'm expecting prolific writing from you every day, k? :P

    ps. im signing as anonymous in case you dont want even those people associated with you. if you dont mind us readers posting our names, let us know

  4. Hmm, a valid point. I guess you guys signing your name is not a big deal. Anonymity is good for me, not that I'm going to be writing anything damning, but as a way of maintaining job security and all. Don't want people getting the wrong idea now do I?